Monday, April 20, 2009

Margot Potter's New YouTube Video...

Have you heard of the new Yudu home screen printing machine? Margot Potter has just uploaded a new tutorial video on how to operate this snazzy new contraption. Margot has really pushed the envelope on creating accessible online tutorials that promise never to bore. The current video is no different and done in traditional Impatient Crafter style : straight-forward, witty, and totally educational. Make sure to check it out, by CLICKING HERE.


Margot Potter said...

Who loves Andrew Thornton?

I do! I do!

Thank you my friend.


Andrew Thornton said...

Who loves Margot Potter?

I do! I do!

Who loves your Yudu YouTube video?

I do! I do!

You're welcome, buddy!
(My only reservation about getting a Yudu is that it's so BIG! I live in an apartment in Brooklyn and don't know if I have the space for that. It is much smaller than a professional silkscreen press though!)