Saturday, April 04, 2009

A Day in Transit...

The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens has a handy "cherry blossom watch" online.  It has a chart that maps out which trees are in bloom and in what stages.  Since there were only a few in bloom, we decided to go instead to the Flea Market at the Bohemian Hall & Beer Gardens in Astoria, Queens.  We actually got on the wrong train and were headed out to Jamaica, before we realized that that it was the wrong direction.  Eventually, we made it there with about twenty minutes left.  I was a little underwhelmed with the line up.  Maybe my expectations were different?  I like Flea Markets with dusty boxes of odds and ends and under-appreciated antiques looking for a new home – I like the ones where you don't feel like a jerk for bargaining.  My favorites are the ones where you feel like you'll find the unexpected treasure.  

After the flea market, we tracked down the local antique shop.  We walked for about half a mile to get there and to our horror and dismay, the antique shop had long ago been closed.  So we hopped back on the train for the long ride home, having spent the day in transit.

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