Thursday, March 05, 2009

Hawaii Morning...

Our morning began bright and early to the beautiful view of the "Super Pool" outside our balcony.  It also began to the squawking of penguins.  Who knew there were penguins in Hawaii?

One of our first stops around the island was at our favorite tide-pools to hunt for beach glass.  It was much windier than it was in the fall, but we found a few good pieces.

The tide-pools are a magical place, an in-between place where many different creatures can be found.  Amidst the tumbled stones and saltwater craters, Cynthia found a sea urchin.

After we finished up at the beach, we headed over to the show to set up.  Above is a bunch of pictures that I pieced together that depict the view from one of the windows at the show.  Isn't it amazing?


Lorelei Eurto said...

Did Cynthia get her hair cut?? it's so freakin' cute!!

Unknown said...

Hey Andrew! It must be hard in a way to go to Hawaii and look like you fit right in with your Asian looks too. Welcome home btw too. What projects or jewellery are you working on lately? x

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Lorelei!

Cynthia did get her hair cut and highlighted, but it's actually up in her signature buns in this picture. (You're not the first person to think Cynthia got her hair cut!)

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Janet!

Yeah, it was a good trip and totally hard to leave behind. People kept thinking that we were locals to the island. I wouldn't mind being one eventually!

I'm going to be tech editing Cynthia's book, Enchanted Adornments. I'm also going to be finishing up the Charm Club pieces for all the many patient folks out there who are in the Charm Club. I also just finished up my submission for the Use the Muse Contest that Scarlett Lanson is hosting.