Friday, February 06, 2009

Swarovski Party...

The Green Girl Studios crew was lucky enough to get an invitation to the Swarovski Party here in Tucson. We were very happy to accompany our good friends from Fusion Beads and my buddy Margot Potter. They are awesome! The night was pretty much a blur and I really wish that the party lasted longer... that we all had a chance to connect more. I can feel the desert slipping through my fingers and it makes me a little sad to think that in a short time, all of my creative friends will be back in their respective corners of the world and that I will be far away from this and that it'll be some time before I see any of them.

Above: The talented Jamie Hogsett and I pose for the camera. She's such a gem! Not only is she a wonderful designer, but she's an accomplished author (of five books and magazine articles) and she's a whole heck of a lot of fun. I always like seeing Jamie. She's a genuinely good person.

Above: The delightful Starr of the seed bead Mecca, Beyond Beadery. She's an awesomely kind woman who has a big heart full of honey and sweetness.

Above: Marie and Lindsay of Fusion Beads and Melinda Barta of Beadwork. These gals are great! All of them are such creative and inventive ladies.

Above: Mary Wohlgemuth from Kalmbach Publishing and me (with Greg in the background). Mary and I have been running into each other a lot lately. She's very funny and carries around sketches of fertility charms. I hope I've not disturbed her with my often sassy and very straightforward observations.

Above: The ever-lovely Danielle Fox of Stringing magazine. She and Jamie Hogsett were were wearing the same blouse. I didn't notice but it made me giggle when they pointed it out. It was my goal to get a picture of them together. But alas, I was doomed to failure. I figured that having them together in the same picture with the same blouse would cause some kind of space-time-continuum rift and the night would last forever.

Above: A good, but slightly blurry picture of Katie Hacker. She just came out with a book with Fernando Da Silva and Margot Potter. They've all done an excellent job on their new book together.

Above: I love Margot Potter. She's just an adorable peach and really funny. We had a lot of fun sharing stories and laughing over the nuances of life. Margot Potter is AWESOME!

Above: Jill MacKay is such a beautiful and lovely creature. Although she hates photos being taken of her, I couldn't help but snag a couple. She really is such a down to earth person. She did jewelry for Star Trek and Guiding Light, and has several nation-wide lines, including one in Michael's. Even though she's had many successes, she's still fabulously humble and a truly a talented designer.

Above: Marcia DeCoster was joking about editing her pictures kindly. This picture needs no editing at all! I think this is probably one of the most striking pictures I've taken of a person. It almost seems staged. Her bracelet is displayed nicely and the lighting is perfect! It's very glamorous.

The night flew by. I met new people, caught up with ones I haven't seen in years, and still I wish there was more time to connect. I danced. I laughed. I had a wonderful time.

To end the Swarovski party, Margot Potter found a tumbleweed in the parking lot. How apt for a party in Tucson!


Margot Potter said...

Oh Andrew Thornton! I adore you so! I'm so sorry I lead you astray to that HORRID meat market of a club. Do forgive...why didn't we go to the Marriott again?! Egads...what on earth was I thinking?!

Thank you for taking me to that delectable diner so I could regroup before driving. I loves me some greasy diner food.

I made it to my hotel without incident and enjoyed sleeping in the next day before heading home. Please extend hugs and huzzahs to William and Greg. I had a delightful time with you and the Fusion Beads gals. I simply must make it up to Manhattan soon...


Marcia DeCoster said...

You're so kind, it was a great pleasure meeting you for the first time.

Anonymous said...

Andrew as always it was so great to see you! You are waaaay nice to me and way too generous with your comments... holy heck! Come to my blog to see your pictures!!! ;o)
Big Love,

Anonymous said...

It is so excited to see the photos at Tucson's Party, Special lovely Danielle Fox of String magazine, She wears my new designed wire pendant with huge crystal piece, It looks great in that evening.
Lilian Chen---new instructor for this Tucson show

Andrew Thornton said...

Hola Margot!

It was wonderful hanging with you. I only wish that we could have spent more time together. I'm glad you made it back to your hotel okay. I was a little worried for a bit. But Tucson really isn't that confusing. It's pretty much on a grid. I only go there once or twice a year and it seems like more of my mental map gets filled in each time, adding to richness that is the city. Can you tell that I like Tucson? :-)

We'll have to come down for a visit. That'll be a hoot and holler!

And no worries about leading us to Pearl. It wasn't your fault. What was more shocking was that folks have been saying that they've been going there on my recommendation! EEK! Well, I hope they're ready for every cliche a bar or club can squeeze into one building.

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Marcia! It was nice to finally meet you too! I've seen you around for years, so it is wonderful finally connect a name with a face and a face with jewelry!

Congratulations on your book!

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey hey, Jill MacKay! You're totally cool. I'm glad that we've been able to steal a few moments here and there to get to know each other better. You're a real peach!

I'm going to take you up on your invitation to your place! You better believe it!

Andrew Thornton said...

Hello, Lilian!

I don't think we got a chance to meet at the party. It was filled with far too many wonderful people and not nearly long enough to connect with everyone. I wish that it could have lasted all night.

Next time I'm around, don't make yourself a stranger! Say hello! I don't bite! I promise.

Oh, and congratulations on the new teaching gig and on your future successes. Danielle did look very fetching with your piece on.

Anonymous said...

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