Friday, January 09, 2009

Memento Mori...

It might seem morbid, but I've delved into some research to help cope with the recent events.  While the desire to languish is strong, I find that work, especially all-consuming work, is the best remedy for grief.  The act of doing something and hopefully inspiring others to do something is a powerful medicine.  I've composed a shopping guide of different skull themed beads and pendants.

(Please note that not all of the artisan made goods are sold individually as components, but as completed finished jewelry pieces.)

All of the above glazed ceramic pendants are made by Melanie Brooks Lukacs of Earthenwood Studio.  They belong to her Spooky Head series.

All of the above pieces were made by Michael Craig, the self-proclaimed, "Flaming Fool."  Check out his WEBSITE.  You can find more of his work on Etsy, under the seller name, flamingfool.  A) Flower skull 7.  B) Skull 5.  C) Encased skull 27.  D) Flower skull 12. E) Encased skull 28.

A) Painted polymer memento mori skull bead set by Etsy seller, hibernacular.  B) Polymer girly skull by Jackie of Beary Sweet Beads.  Check out her BLOG.  C)  Black resin skull charm by Fredric Hamby.  D) Lot of 15 Jolly Roger Bright skull charms by Etsy seller, Scissorshappy.  E) Bisque Glazed Porcelain bead by Joan Miller.

A) Felted, embroidered and beaded sugar skull brooch by Etsy seller, ladybug9753.  B) Lead-free pewter Smiling Skull by Green Girl Studios.  C) Bisque glazed porcelain by Joan Miller.  D) Skeleton key charm from Etsy seller, doubleangeldesign.  E)  Pirate poison lampwork aromatherapy vessel in Ivory by Etsy seller, flamekeeper.  Check out her BLOG.

A) Fine silver "skully" charm by Melissa J. Lee.  B) Day of the Dead Calavera resin pendant by Etsy seller, UrbanBead.  C) Pirate skull bisque glazed porcelain by Joan Miller.  D) Altered Scrabbled tile pendant by Etsy seller, theinkling.  Check out her BLOG.  E) Carved bone Tango skull with rose from Etsy seller, supplystudio504.

A) Miguel de Cervantes Sterling silver Flower Skull bead by Anne Choi.  The sides read, "Until death, it is all life."  B)  Black resin skull by Etsy seller, brownbagstudio.  C)  Polymer Day of the Dead sugar skulls by Laura of Zoeowyn.  Check out her BLOG.  D) Fine silver "skully" coin by Melissa J. Lee.  E)  Felted Skull Hair Accessories from Etsy seller, geckoartist.

I originally met the lovely folks at Anima Designs at a Bead Mercantile Show in Pittsburgh many years ago and again was neighbors with them in Tucson a few years back.  I love their stuff!  They've got such a great assortment of fun and funky vintage finds.  They've got an entire section on skull beads.  The ones below are examples of some of the awesome skull beads they've got to offer.
A) Carved pale green jade skulls.  B) Large ceramic raku skull beads.  C) Carved bone bead.  D) Resin skull beads. E)  Carved yellow jade skull. F) Unglazed porcelain skull beads.


Melissa J. Lee said...

Ooh, la, la! I love these skulls. I can tell I'll be picking up a few more in the near future. Thanks for including mine.

Anonymous said...

Good grief - you've got a lot of skulls there, Charlie Brown!

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

This is an awesome collection.

Jean Campbell said...

I'm bookmarking this page, Andrew! It's a serious collection for a serious Dios de Los Muertos fan like me. Thank you!

Andrew Thornton said...

Oh, it was a pleasure to collect these images and sources for skull related objects. I realize that I went a little overboard with it, but it was a nice distraction.

Kim said...

Hey Andrew,
Nice collection of skull beads. Thanks for the shout out!

Unknown said...

wow, stunning collection. Muchas Gracias for including mine.