Thursday, March 27, 2008

False Starts...

I began typing this post several different times. Each beginning seemed a little off. I was going to complain about my day-job and how tired I am and how extremely cranky this is making me. But that wasn't what I felt this post should be about. I was going to write about how I was desperate to escape "The Survival Mode" but that didn't seem right either. I thought about writing about the wonderful fantastical world I would escape to, but that felt more like a distraction than anything else.

So, instead I'm going to make a list of seven things that I need to remember. Perhaps, when one is caught up in the turbulent world of trying to make it, one should reflect on these things:

Remember your friends and family; their love is healing.
Remember Nature and its beauty; you are connected.
Remember to walk at your own pace; never rush to match another's.
Remember what is important to you and fight to protect what that is.
Remember to smile and laugh; they keep you young at heart.
Remember that all people are capable of creating great beauty.

Most importantly...

Remember your spirit.

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Connie said...

Well i started at the beginning, worked my way to mid 08, went to the end, and worked back up to the this point. I have thoroughly enjoyed my blog adventure Andrew! I love reading about your friends, your family, your art. I was in brooklyn last April- my first time - my son lives there and i had a blast there and in NY city. So exciting!
thanks for the ride!