Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Sonia Romero Print...

I'm just loving this lino-cut rabbit print by Sonia Romero. It's great! I got this one on Etsy to add to my growing collection. She's got a great little Etsy shop! I might try to save up to buy the "Ride the Rabbit" one, but I've got to settle down on the print shopping spree. (Eventually I can't excuse buying prints on being a birthday treat to myself anymore.) But with this line work that is just to die for... it's hard to resist. Make sure to check out her artist interview on the Indie Pretty Perfect Blog by CLICKING HERE.


Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

for you, because of your new love.

it has sound, too!


Andrew Thornton said...

OH! That was fun! Thanks for sharing. I couldn't listen to the sound yet. Right now I'm in the hotel bathroom sitting on the floor with Cynthia's laptop on the toilet. Working all these crazy hours has made it near impossible to sleep right now. So, here I am... sitting in the bathroom looking at bunnies and trying not to wake anyone up.