Monday, November 06, 2006

Studio Update 3...

I've been working busily away in my studio. Even though I've still been under the weather and have been trying to take it slow, I think I've got a lot of work done.

Here are a couple of images from my studio. It's actually cleaner than it looks. I fondly refer to it as my organized chaos.

The large piece from my other studio update has been reduced in size significantly. Even though the size has been reduced, it still has been a challenge working with this piece in its many incarnations.

Here is a more central image of the main piece that developed. I'm tentatively titling it: The World Undone. A lot of my work nowadays has been about modern life and about taking the pieces and fragments and trying to make a whole once more. This piece, I think really does come unhinged in many respects. But I think that in the raw ripping and the diagonal lines and the slashes of bright white... there is a cohesion in its elegant decay.

I've altered the large horizontal piece even from what's shown in the picture. I still am not feeling it. It needs something to have it all click into place. I haven't given up on it.

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