Friday, November 10, 2006

Gallery Hop...

Laura Belkin is visiting from D.C. for a school presented by MICA. I thought that it might be nice to take them to some gallery openings while they were in town. She, her friend Virginia and I went around to various openings in Chelsea.

Jason Brooks is currently showing at Stellan Holm gallery. The opening was crowded with young, punkish, hipster types sipping Red Stripes. The pieces on view are photo realistic paintings and drawings of tattooed figures.

The Luo Brothers are showing at Sara Meltzer gallery. The opening was full of children running around and servers passing out tasty little bits of egg rolls and rice balls. The work up is very slick in a very manufactured sort of way. I guess it's meant to parellel or copy the clean, sleekness of contemporary marketing and advertising of capitalist-Western-consumerist businesses.

Ellsworth Kelly had several openings through the Matthew Marks galleries. His clean, geometric shaped canvases hung monolithic amongst the sparse groupings of people, often times swallowed up by the expansive spaces.

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