Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Empty Nest...

Earlier this morning/late last night, Sheila and Seth said their goodbyes and took their bags out the door and were whisked away by a taxi. Their destination, Thailand. Sheila will eventually make her way to Burma, where she will spend time in meditation at a Buddhist spiritual retreat.

Due to a long day, I went promptly to bed to salvage what little was left of the night.

I woke up a few short hours later. The day rolled by; I met with one of my professors and worked in the studio. I have a couple of big papers due, so I decided to go home a little earlier than usual. My thoughts were focused on the likes of James and the Giant Peach, The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland, and The Bell Jar.

When I entered the building, I checked the mail. That's when I saw the mailbox and our names on it. It hit me that I no longer lived with my sister. It made me miss Sheila something fierce.

I climbed the stairs, processing my thoughts. Even though I have lived here alone before for years and I have survived the torrents of New York, I think in some small way I came to depend on her a little. It's funny that I should say that, especially since we saw so little of each other, but I think that just having someone to come home to that was blood made things easier. Past demons didn't seem so threatening.

I sat inside what used to be her room. I didn't have too much time, as my papers needed to be urgently written, but I took a few moments to think on the few months that we shared in our apartment. We used to joke around about being poor and being skinny. I would sometimes introduce her as my twin. Sometimes we would go on field-trips or watch slideshows of Baby One. I could not have asked for a better roommate. And now the nest is empty - waiting to be filled.

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