Monday, July 17, 2006

Of Words and Wars...

In other news, we've got book fever here at the Green Girl Household. Cynthia has been working on the Creative Living manual and I've been brainstorming on exactly what I want to contribute to it. I have some projects in mind, but we'll see. I've made some notes and started some samples, but I want something that is both useful and unique.

I've also come up with the idea for a new book that I want to do on my own. It's basically the high fashion version of a beading book. I want to create something that's super funky, hip, and appeals to a different demographic. I've talked with a couple of designers so far and they've been really supportive. I think when I'm back in an urban setting it'll be much easier to create a book about urban issues. But as with the other book, I'm making notes and trying to create a solid foundation before I really make anything.

Recently, I accepted the position as editor for the newsletter. I'm working on some drafts for them to check when they get back from Ohio. Hopefully they like my ideas. I have big plans for the newsletter and what it'll eventually become.

Sheila and I were talking about how when we were in high school, we were a lot more book-smart. In particular, I used to be able to write award-winning articles that were edgy, concise, and (seemingly) well-planned in about 20 minutes. Now I labour over my letters. Writing is like training an athlete, or better yet, a warrior. It takes practice to build up deadly accuracy and brutal energy. Who knew that all these little sentences and words were training for a bigger war?

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