Monday, July 24, 2006


Today has been yet another day full of trying to finish up projects while getting ready for the move.

I found another small box full of little tiny collages of monsters that I made a while ago in preparation for another commission. However, after I finished them, I started on a completely different project for that particular buyer and I'm glad of it! I remember showing some of the other monsters I had made and she was completely and totally not interested in them. It's funny how that doesn't seem that long ago, but it must have been over two years ago now.

A good chunk of today has also been reserved for getting in touch with friends from New York. It was so good to hear from them!

I've also been sorting through my clothes and trying to purge my closet of unwanted items. I made up a rule for myself: If I haven't worn it in over three years... then it has to go.
I was kind of surprised by how much stuff is in the pile. The surprising part is that I've moved these articles of clothing from probably four different places. Talk about unwanted baggage. So I've been making a donation pile and trying to eliminate everything that I don't need.

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claudine hellmuth said...

i love your monster pieces. i think they are great!!