Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Treasures from Bead&Button...

It's almost a month since I was in Milwaukee for the Bead&Button show.  It seems so long ago.  How time flies!  I was pretty consistent about updating my Facebook feed with pictures from the show, so I feel like I'd be duplicating my efforts if I posted them here.  I didn't, however, take pictures of the things that I got for myself.  I came across the bag of baggies last night while I was organizing my studio, and I thought I'd share some pictures.

I once was accused of bragging and showing off when I shared pictures of the things that I acquired and ever since then, I've been hesitant to publicly post the things that have entered my collection.  Even though it has been years since that random comment, I still think about it.  It's funny the things that stick with you.  Even so, I think it'd be fun to share some of the fun things I found.

This year I taught and while there were only two classes, between that and helping at the booth, I didn't have too much time to shop.  And the time I had to shop, I had to shop for the store more than for myself.  I did manage to come away with some nice things!

Here's a picture of the strands that I picked up at the show.  Notice the color palette?  I must have had fall on the brain, because everything I picked out had a warmer shade to it. I found some excellent garnets, rubies, heliodor, brown chalcedony, sunstone, amber, peach moonstone, hessonite garnets and faceted copper ore.

I got the fun stone fan sets on the left from Dakota Stones, the glass eyes in the center from Wayne Robbins of Mountain Robbins Art Studio, and the bumpy lampwork glass bead on the right from Karen Elmquist.

I also found some lovely metal pieces.  On the left are two bronze pieces from my family at Green Girl Studios, in the center is a sterling silver rebus bead from Anne Choi, and a little bronze forest spirit critter from the markets of Thailand via Saki Silver.

New additions to my collection also include a ceramic Day of the Dead sugar skull pendant from Michelle McCarthy of FireFly Design Studio to the left, a bumpy lampwork glass bead from Wendy Bergamin in the center, and a polymer clay mosaic bead from Erin Prais-Hintz of TreasuresFound.

The polymer clay treasures on the left come courtesy of Heather Powers of HumbleBeads and the beaded bead on the right is from Onye Ndika of Designs by Onye.

I also picked up this swank traveling beading board called a Beading Pal from Ezel Findings.  It's gorgeous and there's a space for everything!

I must admit that I found a lot of lovely things, but I think the highlight of all the treasures that were discovered during the show came in the form of two matching rose-cut natural chocolate diamonds.  I love how much character and personality they have.  Eventually these stones will be made into rings for me and William.  We've been searching and saving for awhile now.  They are just right.


Ann Schroeder said...

I never think of people showing bead finds as bragging. I absolutely LOVE this kind of post. I love to see beautiful beads, see what other people pick out, find out about artists/vendors I might not know. Thank you so much for sharing. You did get some lovelies! Those chocolate diamonds will make beautiful rings! I hope you share the finished product. I'm glad you got some nice things at the show!

Heather Powers said...

I agree with Anne, I've always felt it was a nice shout out to the vendors and inspiring to see what others collect at bead show. Copper ore - that sounds awesome. And the diamonds will make amazing rings! Thanks for sharing your newly aquired treasures.

Rebecca said...

I agree with Anne and Heather - these types of blog posts are my favourites! I love living vicariously through others' blog posts and seeing Ann the loot :-) Those diamonds really are something else - I hope you'll share the finished rings whenever they appear :-)

Andrew Thornton said...

I'll definitely share images once they're finished! They will be our wedding rings.

Cynthia Thornton said...

Yay! Rings! I get to carve them. I've been thinking of how they can look. I picked out a lot of the same stuff. I like to see what you bought. These folks should feel happy, since your so secretive about what you picked! Man, you made me harass you non stop about seeing what you had in the bag.

Mary Redman said...

I love seeing what everyone purchased at Bead & Button. Thanks for sharing!

Marie D'Onofrio said...

Thank you for sharing. Please don't let the naysayers influence you. You give a gift when you let others see through your artistic lens!