Thursday, June 25, 2015

Creature Collaborations Postcards...

Last month during a trip to Asheville, I worked on a collaborative project with my sister and fellow artist, Cynthia Thornton. We decided to work on a whimsical collection of small-scale paintings.  We blended my abstract sensibilities with her elements of fantasy... producing the Creature Collaborations!  I worked on the backgrounds and creating the amorphous space the creatures inhabit.  Cynthia coaxed the creatures to life, giving them form and character.  CLICK HERE to see all of the originals.  The originals are painted on heavy paper with layers of acrylic and gouache.  (If you're interested, a few of them are still available for purchase.)

After we made the paintings, we thought they'd make charming postcards/notecards.  So I had some of them printed and they are available in a set of twelve or a random set of four.  Each card is 4"X6", printed on 15PT card stock, has a gloss UV coating on the front, and has rounded edges.  To find out more and to purchase packs of the Creature Collaborations postcards CLICK HERE.

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