Monday, June 09, 2014

My Brother's Work...

One of the perks of doing the show this year was being able to spend time with my brother.  We don't get a chance to see each other very often and it was nice to catch up.  It was also a pleasant surprise to see all his new work!  Dwayne has years of experience woodworking (as can be discerned from his AMAZING display), but he is relatively new to metal.  He has grown leaps and bounds in such a short amount of time.  It's exciting to see his progress and evolution as an artist.

Above is a photo of his collection of pieces in bronze.  Swirling arabesques recur often, as well as aquatic sea creatures and skulls.  There are alchemical symbols and cicadas.  I don't know if he intended it or not, but there's a story here... his story.  A story of a man drawn to the sea, of being lost in the fog and kept back by thorns... of stars that guide and the end of one life, the beginning of another, transformation and rebirth.

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Paula, Chief Bead Officer said...

You definitely have a talented family! How nice that your art gives you a common passion.