Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Beads of Courage Design Challenge...

I had the honor and pleasure to participate in the  Beads of Courage Design Challenge hosted by Soft Flex Company.  The concept of the challenge was that children who participated in the program were asked to design a bead to represent a selection of positive affirmations.  The design then went off to a glass bead-maker, who then translated the design into glass.  The bead then traveled to me, to be turned into a necklace that would be used to raise awareness for the program and hopefully raise money for the cause.

Above and to the left is a picture of me and Jean Baruch, the director of Beads of Courage.  To the right is a picture of my design at the booth featuring the "Life" bead.

Here's a picture of Sara Oehler of Soft Flex and Jean in front of the display of designs created for this challenge.  

It was a really great opportunity to show my support for a wonderful organization that incorporates art and jewelry-making into healing.  They really do a great job and put so much of themselves into this worthwhile project!

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