Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fly Free Necklace...

A customer stopped in and wanted to make a special necklace for a friend's daughter who was graduating from school.  We talked about a bunch of different design options and I suggested that she should select a bird charm, to symbolize the girl's spreading of wings and flying free.  We paired this gold-plated bird charm with two sizes of freshwater pearls and tiny brass spacers.  The pearls are really stunning.  Pearls are a traditional "coming of age" gift, but we wanted to keep the design fresh and young.  So we used a more baroque style pearl.  They're not perfectly smooth and have an iridescent green/blue/purple cast to the grey pearls.  I'm quite pleased with the combination!  It's simple, but it looks like it were knotted and has a nice feel to it.

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