Monday, June 03, 2013

Flash Fire Challenge: Amy Myers...

Since the conversation with Amy was part of the catalyst behind starting up a weekly challenge again, I decided to use her work as the first prompt.  To find out more about Amy and her work, CLICK HERE.

To participate, all you have to do is create something inspired by the image.  You can make whatever you like.  Leave a link to your creation in the comment section or send me an image and I'll post one for you.  You can email me at:

You have until the next prompt goes up on Monday, June 10th to complete your project should you choose to accept this creative mission.

"Operette Inside Atom" by Amy Myers, 2008, 130 X 150 inches, graphite, gouache, and conte on paper.


Unknown said...

I love Amy's work! So intricate and yet airy... It also reminded me of Rorschach test: you can see so many different things while looking at it!

When I saw this first piece, it immediatly reminded me of this necklace I made recently. Same colors and roundness...

Here it is:

Thanks for hosting this challenge:)

Have a great day,


Andrew Thornton said...

Great job, Patricia! The necklace looks amazing and I can definitely see the correlation between the source prompt and necklace. I know you didn't go out to recreate the drawing, but these two works of art have a twin spirit! Good job!

Andrew Thornton said...

Here is the piece that I made for the challenge: