Monday, February 25, 2013

Up or Down...

I think the theme for February must be "hard decisions", because I've been making a lot of them lately.  I had a planning meeting with William about the upcoming SWARM event. We went over the things that were absolutely essential to make the event a go.  The list started off manageable, but by the end of our conversation it was impossibly long with our current timetable.

The meeting was a realty check.

I didn't want to give up the vision I had of the Spring Event, but in my heart of hearts, I knew that I wouldn't be able to do it justice.  There's just too much to do in too little time.  One of our teachers was also overbooked and unable to teach the full weekend.

So we had to make another hard decision.  We'll be postponing the big event.  We've got our eye on late summer or mid-autumn, but it's contingent on the host hotel and their availability.  Instead of having all five teachers in April, we'll be featuring one teacher.  Lynne Suprock of Simply Pretty Stuff will be teaching workshops April 6th and 7th.  We will also be hosting workshops from Eva Sherman in May. I'll be sharing their workshops and how to sign-up tomorrow.

Although it isn't the way we originally planned it, I think it'll actually be better.  We'll be able to facilitate more learning opportunities and have more time to promote and develop the SWARM community and the corresponding events.  (If you haven't "liked" the SWARM Facebook page, CLICK HERE.)  Having more time will not only help us, but it'll also allow those who are interested in attending to plan ahead and save up, if needed.  For the Artists Market it'll also allow the participating teachers, students and vendors to work on inventory and build up stock for the show.  It was a hard decision to make, but I think it was a good one.

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