Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Interweave Party...

One of the annual traditions we partake of while we are in Tucson is the Interweave Party.  We've been going for almost ten years.  The venue may have changed over the years, but the same positive atmosphere that this publishing company has pulled together has persisted.  (It used to be at the Botanical Gardens, then at the Art Museum, and now at the iconic Hotel Congress.)  With the recent acquisition from F+W, we didn't know if they would have the party again.  We were pleasantly surprised when we received our RSVP.

Nothing quite says a good party like grainy cellphone pictures.  Here are Mel and Lisa Niven Kelly of Beaducation and Heather of the Trinket Foundry.
This picture is of Julie Young of TierraCast and Kieu Pham Gray of the Urban Beader.
This picture is of Lisa Kan and editor extraordinaire, Danielle Fox.  Danielle is also the author of Simply Modern Jewelry and Mixed Metals.

We had a wonderful time talking with everyone and seeing familiar faces.  I hope to go to keep going for another ten years!

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