Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pink Lemonade...

When the weather gets chilly and overcast, it's hard not to imagine sunnier skies and a warmer season.  A 30 degree average temperature with skies the color of overcooked ground beef will do that to you.  And when I do think of those hotter days, I also think of that pitcher on the table that is almost always full of a cool refreshment... pink lemonade.

I can't remember where exactly I got the recipe – maybe Martha Stewart or the Food Network – but it never disappoints and is quickly building strong associations with carefree leisure time in the sun.

The "recipe" isn't so much a "real recipe", as it is handy additions to jazz up regular lemonade.  I try to use Meyer lemons if I can find them.  They have a sweeter flavor that's less acidic.  I toss in a cup or two of crushed seasonal berries, like raspberries or strawberries.  The berries give the lemonade the distinctive "pink" look.  I also toss in a couple of wedges of lime to add a floral note.  But the secret to make this a really refreshing beverage is the mint.  As mean as it sounds, I bruise the leaves to heighten the flavor and really make them aromatic.  The mint leaves have a cooling effect.  Hot mint tea, surprisingly, is often drunk in the scorching desert because of this.  Other additions, like lemon soda or club soda can be added for sparkling effervescence.  (Alcohol, like vodka, can be added for a different kind of effervescence.)  But the latter suggestions of making the pink lemonade fizzy or tipsy-inducing are completely unnecessary.

To commemorate this lovely beverage that conjures images of weather not requiring three layers (or more), I created a Premium Mix.  I couldn't help it.  I was at the store and looking out the window and saw an homage to gray on gray.  I just needed something that was bright and refreshing.  The Pink Lemonade Mix was just what I needed... short of a glass of this sweet nectar.

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Pamela770 said...

Well at least are you coming to sunny arizona for the tucson gem show soon? :)