Thursday, November 29, 2012

Black Beach Bonfire...

When I was younger, somewhere between high school and college, I was invited to a party on a "black" beach.  We were in Florida and I had never heard of a black beach there before, so I was curious to see it for myself.  When we got there, I couldn't help but think how the sand looked less like "The Dunes of Midnight Obsidian" in my imagination and more like the "salt and pepper" of reality.   It was a fun time though and there was a bonfire.  I remember gazing at the red-gold embers swirling in the air and drifting into dark of the crashing ocean.  The sky above the water was speckled with stars and it looked as though the embers had some how magically traveled billions of light-years and transformed themselves into these pinpricks of light.  At that moment, it seemed like it was the beginning of the universe... and in someways, it was.  It was the beginning of the journey into adulthood.

I wanted to capture that feeling and energy.  So I put together a blend of blacks (both shiny and matte), pearlescent whites, golds, reds, and coppers.  This is the first time that I've put together a Premium Mix that was based solely on color and not on a blending of shapes and textures; the mix is composed of size 8 Japanese Miyuki seed beads and is sold by 10 gram tube.

I so rarely have time to make anything finished these days.  I wanted to do something with this mix though.  It's not anything fancy, just the seed beads strung up on Memory Wire with Swarovski crystal dangles, but it was fun and quick and I was glad that I could do something with this mix.

CLICK HERE to find out more about the Black Beach Bonfire Premium Mix.


Stepha said...

I grew up in Florida, The Keys to be exact. I am not living in North Fla. And have not heard of Black Beach.
Your mix is beautiful. I absolutely love the colors. They are intoxicating. The bracelet is gorgeous!

Cyndi J said...

I can see the black sand beach and bonfire! Great description. Guam has a black sand beach, too (where I grew up) but I didn't know we have one here in Florida, too (I'm in Melbourne). I think the bracelet turned out grand!

Here Bead Dragons said...

I like your description and I like the bracelet.


Andrew Thornton said...

I didn't realize it at the time I wrote this, but my sister Sheila, lives not far from where we were. You can find the "black beach" in Venice, Florida outside of Sarasota.