Monday, August 13, 2012

Nina Designs August Jewelry Design Challenge...

To adopt a Southern colloquialism, "I've been busier than a one-legged man in an butt-kicking competition." When I saw the August Jewelry Design Challenge by Nina Designs, I couldn't refuse to squeeze a little project in.  I needed it.  Sometimes you've got to stretch your creative legs before you can continue to scale the mountain of work around you.

The prompt was a painting by Henri Edmond Cross.  It's a vibrantly colored Impressionistic work.

Another motivation to enter this challenge, besides the opportunity to flex my creative muscles, was this GREAT prize!  I encourage everyone to tackle the next Nina Design Design Challenge!  The prizes are really generous!
Here is my submission!  I call it, "Day at the Beach".  It's not the best picture.  I was actually stealing a couple of moments here and there from work to finish the piece.  I was trying to use my fancy camera, but it was having problems and I finally resorted to using the store's iPhone to grab a quick image.

Here's what I said about my inspiration:

I was inspired by the points of light captured by the Impressionist style.  I thought using Swarovski crystals in tones from the painting would help translate the shifts of color and light.  I used dangles to help show movement and make a fun, wearable piece showcasing the sand-dollar charms from Nina Designs.

CLICK HERE to vote!  Hopefully for me!  The other piece is nice, but I want to win!


Beverly Herman said...

Andrew you captured the day at the beach beautifully. I liked hearing the thought process behind the design.

Cory said...

Andrew, your piece is awesome, It feels "liquid" to me, just like the ocean.

Congratulations on the win.

Anonymous said...

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