Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Sale...

Along with notes of concern, I also received several requests for me to reopen my personal Shop during my "hiatus".  I was reluctant to add another task to my seemingly endless to-do list, but thought of it more of a chance to liberate some of the old pieces I made to make way for the new projects in the works.  So I've temporarily reopened the Shop for the holidays.  I've added back quite a few of the copper and bronze coin pendants and components; some of which will be discontinued and phased out permanently after the sale is over.  So make sure to stock up on your favorites, before they say goodbye for good!

I've enlisted a coupon code to help in the task to clear the area before the new things are to begin.  How apt that it's Cyber Monday!  Use coupon code "HOLIDAY" to receive 30% off your order.  CLICK HERE to visit my Shop and to take a look at the pieces and get your's before they're gone.  (The code will be good through December 1st.)

1 comment:

Lorelei Eurto said...

i am SO HAPPY that you decided to reopen! I got a few pendants, thank you!!!!