Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm Still Here...

In the week that I've been "missing" from the virtual world, I received about a hundred emails, messages and phone calls asking after me, William, the cats, my Jeep, and Allegory Gallery.  I imagine the last post before my miniature hiatus and the few Tweets and Facebook updates that made it out were quite the cliffhangers.  I apologize if you were worried.  I also apologize if you were waiting to hear from me or waiting for something from me.  Much of my correspondence and shipping was unavoidably delayed.

To set the record straight and relieve any curiosity... I'm still here.

We are all well and good, if not worn a little around the edges.  That is, of course, except for my Jeep.  William was driving back one night after we were working on the gallery and hit a deer.  It was dark, rainy, and the deer darted out from an overgrown patch of bushes next to the road.  Luckily no one in the car was hurt, but sadly both the deer and my car did not fair so well.  I will not dwell on the latter as it pains my heart deeply.  (I just finished paying off the last repairs it required.)

Allegory Gallery finally opened.  We were down to the very last moments, but everything managed to come together.  If it didn't, we found a way to fudge it until we could fix it and hopefully no one noticed or was understanding of the very newness of our endeavor.  The space will continue to grow and change and develop over time.  As the funds and resources become available, we'll be constantly adding and augmenting.

I was on my way to work one morning (a still unfamiliar concept to me) and spotted this spiderweb strung with dewdrops.  It looked as though crystalline beads were suspended in a lacy pattern, radiating from the center.  What a sublime sight.  One I would not have seen if I wasn't on my way.  Already, my life is richer and better for the steps we've taken, one at a time.


AJ said...

That spider web is so beautiful. Isn't nature amazing, even if sometimes it also includes Jeep-wrecking deer?

Kathleen Lange Klik said...

Congratulations on opening the Allegory Gallery! I look forward to hearing about this wonderful adventure and hopefully seeing some photos too!

Rebecca said...

Poor deer and poor jeep. I hope it is salvageable? These things always seem to happen when you have a lot on your plate. But you have such beautiful things to drive through. I can't imagine living in the countryside and am not sure if I could, but things like that beautiful web must be wonderful to come across. You certainly don't meet them on inner-city bus riding!