Sunday, September 18, 2011

Building the Project Space...

One of the great things about the space in Allegory Gallery is that there are all these old details, like the tin ceilings and walls. They add character and definitely establish a certain vibe.

However, when we decided that we wanted to include fine art and produce curated art shows, the little details became an obstacle instead of a boon.

That old saying, "If only these walls could talk..." is very true when curating a show.  Sometimes how and where your show the work changes the context completely and drastically.  We wanted to start with a blank canvas.

So we created the idea of the Project Space.  Originally it was going to be a freestanding and movable structure that we could partition off selections of the gallery with.  However, practicality won out.  Drywall is heavy and a structure this size with as little support as it would have for aesthetic reasons, would be very dangerous.  So, we improvised the design and mounted the wall, creating a real focal point in the space.

William's mom, his aunt and her husband, and his brother, Adam, all helped make the Project Space a reality.  They took some loose ideas and created a really well-made addition to the space that will really showcase the artwork.

Once they framed out the extension, hung the drywall and framed it with wood to "create a complete thought", I mudded, sanded and painted.  While they did a simply awesome job, mine was a little rough and will need to be touched up later.


Anonymous said...

How amazing and cool; to create your space and try out different ideas. The journey sounds challenging but fun~ Can't wait to see.

Rebecca said...

Love seeing the progress! It is great to see all the steps you are taking in your wonderful endeavour.