Sunday, December 17, 2006

Butterfly Effect: The Opening...

Here are a couple of images from the Open Studio event. It was a lot of fun and I got to see a few people whom I haven't seen in a long while. It was definitely a treat and I was very happy to share my new work. The series entitled, Butterfly Effect.

Here I am with one of my mentors, Uta Koether.

Tommy Cinko and I in front of, The World Undone.

Vanessa Williams (who's horribly camera-shy) and I in front of some of the resin and lightbox pieces.

Natalie W. in front of Jessica's studio. I don't think I actually took this picture, as my camera sort of vanished for a bit and I discovered a whole set of images that I hadn't seen prior.

Left: Rachel Strum and I in front of her earthen constructions. Right: There I am with Stephanie. Rachel and Stephanie are my studio neighbors. They used to host the New Party Club in their loft in Brooklyn

Riva and Justina at the end of the evening. Justina is graduating. It's funny because even though I had classes with them and shared a floor with them, I unfortunately haven't had an opportunity to hang out with them much. So it was really nice to chat a bit.

Ha! There I am with Sam and Caroline. Caroline likes to eat mangos.

Sassy Jen Tong takes a sip, while I grab my chin.

Left: Jess, rocking out a skeleton t-shirt. Right: Lara, one of my muses and fellow artists from a summer residency program we were in together two or three years ago, strikes a pose with me.

Here I am with Lorra Jackson, who I also met at a summer residency program.

Marilyn Palmeri, my Children's Literature professor who is an amazing teacher and a talented artist, dropped by. She brought me almonds!

Left: Kristin and I. Right: Anne Clarke, who has always been so helpful and wonderful in the fine arts office stopped by to say hello.

Francesca, Natalia, and I. Natalia just had a show up at Go Fish Gallery.

Sam, me, Tommy (in the back), Caroline, Jess, and Jen.

A random group shot.

I used to work with Heather Eagle, years and years ago. It was great that she stopped by.

Aurea came. She brought me a bottle of wine and some cups and saved the day!

Charles and his friend Dennia came by to check out the work.

The very talented Amy Morris (CHINA!) came by to see the new work. Here show will be up at Jonathon Shorr gallery for the next couple of weeks.

Jennifer Sarkilahti of Odette: New York came down to check out the new work. She is currently featured in the December 2006/January 2007 issue of Jane Magazine.

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