Tuesday, August 22, 2017

For Better or Worse...

Earlier today, I added a post called, "Balancing Acts".  If you're interested in reading it, you can certainly scroll back or CLICK HERE.  In it, I outlined a general path for my own personal growth and how I wanted to develop changes in my life.  I talk about finding and maintaining balance and some of my general thoughts on the subject.

I think though that some of the language was misconstrued as an attack or a passive aggressive jab.  That was not my intention and I apologize to anyone who felt as though I was directing my words at them.  The people I vaguely mentioned know my feelings very clearly and there is no need for guessing or self-blame.  If you read what I wrote and wonder, "Is he talking about me?" and there hasn't been previous correspondence about it, in all likelihood, it wasn't about you.  The folks who I wrote about know it was about them, as I made my thoughts known to them.

So... in the words of a beloved friend, "Snap out of it!"  Insert silly face emoji here.

Instead of reading between the lines, enjoy the fresh night air, make something, or try and understand yourself better.  I encourage you to write about your own thoughts and feelings.  My posts are my way of ordering my thoughts and writing through my thought processes.  For me, it helps tremendously.  Sometimes that strikes a note with others and may inspire them, but mostly my writing is for myself.  I am not a guru or a life coach.  I don't pretend to know in-depth about psychology or about how others should best lead their lives.  I am exploring my own path and trying to work through my own issues.

I'm reminded of a Golden Girls episode where they find Rose's diary and Blanche and Dorthy think that she's writing terrible things about them, when in actuality, she was writing about the pigs she raised.  Hijinks ensue as they get to the bottom of it.  Rose is hurt because of the invasion of privacy and the lack of trust that her friends have in her.  In the end, they make up and everything is all better.

I know the show is just a comedy from the 80's, but there are life lessons there.  I think one of them is that one shouldn't assume the worst.  If we are friends, please think better of me.  Please trust me and know that my life includes many, many, many people and that if we have a connection, I will always make my thoughts and feelings known.  For better or worse, I speak my mind.  And you never know... I could be writing about pigs!

As for what follows now, while I'm acknowledging the misunderstandings and apologizing for unintentionally hurting anyone, I'm going to chalk it up as Mercury being retrograde.  This isn't to diminish or marginalize any concern that might have been brought to my attention.  But Mercury going retrograde is the poster child for miscommunications, delays, and hurt feelings!  What I've found is that if you fight against these things, it only gets worse.  The frustration grows.  But if you speak from the heart, try not to let things get to you, approach things with humor and humility, and move forward with purpose and an attempt at clarity... well, the damage is lessened.

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