Monday, September 12, 2016

Creative heART Challenge: Fantasy (Faux) Stone Earrings...

When I was little, I used to get in trouble for talking too much at school.  No matter who I was sitting next to, I would regal them with endless stories.  One of them was about a wizard who could make stones of power.  Depending on the day, the stones had the powers to grant the possessor the gift of flight or the ability to breathe under water or the curious knack of walking through fire.  It all really just depended on what I felt would be most convenient at the moment.  I invent stories of brave knights (and daring princesses) who would embark on perilous quests to find those stones AND I would try to rope the other children into acting out the parts.  Needless to say, my desk was dragged off into a corner and I was sequestered next to the chilly and relentless air conditioning vent to prevent me from distracting my classmates from their lessons.

To this day, I still dream of wizards creating magical stones imbued with special powers.  And as an artist, I can create what my mind's eye sees.  (And as an adult, I can sit where I want and talk as much as I want!)  The Fantasy (Faux) Stones are created with layers of textured polymer clay.  I've embedded iridescent inclusions and added metallic and opalescent paints to simulate large, flashy opal slices.  I wanted them to glow with an inner fire, as if they only need to be touched to active a burst of energy.  I've also added washes of paints and pigments to give the pieces an ancient, rustic feel.  They are attached to vintage brass lever back earwires with a mix of textured copper rings and heavy gauge brass rings.

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I've been having fun with the reboot of the Creative heART Challenge so far.  I think by not putting a daily deadline on myself, I've been able to dig a little deeper and work more intuitively.  I also have been less stressed this go around.  Previously, I felt so frantic trying to make new things every day, photograph everything, and post everything.  I work more like a bee, flitting around, pollinating projects here and there, until all of a sudden... I have a wonderful bounty.  I have also noticed a few things developing.  I've seen my personal color palette shifting slightly, taking on more pastel colors.  As I post more work, you'll see what I mean!

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Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Delightful story. It's interesting to hear where an artist's inspiration comes from. The faux stones are beautiful.