Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tell Your Story...

We've been working away in the studio, making rings.  I love rings.   When I was growing up, I loved stories of magic rings and the fantastical tales that seemed to accompany them.  So much so that I would create wild scenarios involving me and my CrackerJack prize ring.  To me it was a Ring of Power.  It allowed me to speak the language of cats and find lost things... and people.

Like all adornment, rings tell stories.  Within each piece can be hidden meanings.  They are touchstones to memories and intentions.  Hands can be so expressive and speak volumes without even saying a single word.  The rings become a part of that communication and they help us tell our stories.  I love rings.

We're planning a trip to a gem show soon and would like to raise a little extra spending money for more supplies.  So we thought we'd list our rings and send them out in the world to find new homes.  I like this idea.  Art begets art.  And hopefully our art will grow with someone else and become a part of their story.

If you're interested in finding out more about our offerings, CLICK HERE.

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