Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Coral Statement Necklaces...

We had a customer come in not too long ago with three broken necklaces.  (I believe there was a rowdy dog involved in her story of how they came to be that way.)  After we sat down and talked about what she wanted, we decided to remove the fractured pieces and consolidate the beads to form two necklaces.  They can be worn together or separately.  The necklace on the bottom layer, which is slightly longer and has all the large pieces, forms the foundation for the second necklace.  The other necklace is a bit shorter and rests on top of the base necklace, filling out the collar of coral red.  They come together to definitely form a statement piece!

One of the issues of the other necklaces, which might have contributed to them breaking is that they were strung too tightly and didn't have spacer beads.  Without the spacer beads, the necklaces were stiff and didn't drape as nicely as they could.  So, between the coral sticks, I used some "ruby quartz crystal" beads that I've been hoarding.  I've also heard them called, "red velvet" beads, but they are just a faceted leaded glass crystal that has a deep red color that deepens in the shadows and sparkles in the light.

I'm quite pleased with the result!  Even better, so is the customer!

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Unknown said...

Wow, this is really gorgeous. Lucky customer!