Monday, November 04, 2013


I'm not a morning person.  I have always felt more alive at night.  Growing up, this provided to be slightly problematic, but somehow I managed to make it to a point where I am mostly in charge of my own schedule and can avoid early mornings.

It just so happened that Lynne Suprock was going to be in town and there was an opportunity for us to play!  The catch was that it had to be at 7:30 AM on Sunday morning.  The normal Sunday morning ritual includes sleeping in with the cats, "waking up", turning on some good music, making strong coffee and if time permits, cooking up a scrumptious breakfast.  On nice Sundays, this meal is enjoyed on the deck wearing pajamas.  It's a rare jewel in the week and for most people, I would not give it up.

But I have been dying to sit down with Lynne and make stuff.  She's a kindred spirit and we just clicked.  We can endlessly rattle off ideas and have planned to co-teach in the future.  So, even though it was much earlier than I like to be up, I woke up extra early and met up with Lynne!  (Luckily with the time change, I was actually early!)

We had a delightful time and I am very excited about future workshops together.  We worked on some art dolls that will have a reliquary cavity filled with a miniature book.

It was a lot of fun and made me wish that she lived closer!  We would be constantly crafting!  Maybe one day the siren's call of Ligonier will be strong enough and she'll decide to permanently relocate to our quaint town.

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Simply Pretty Stuff said...

the time just flew too.... loved that we had the opportunity to toss our ideas onto the table and share as we kneaded clay. You really are a kindred art spirit Andrew. : ) Sooooo appreciate you letting me steal away your Sunday morning routine and spend a little time in your awesome create space. next time not so early I promise!