Saturday, September 28, 2013


I'm trying to make more of an effort to block out time for production.  Nowadays, I'm so swept up with everything else that there's little time to sit down at the bench and really crank things out.

I did manage to make some time to carve out a new design and press out a few pendants in porcelain.  I still have to tool them and smooth out some of the edges with a wet rag.  It's also a good time to check for quality control.  Then they're bound for the kiln and if all goes well in there, I'll be glazing, firing again and tumbling them in sort order.

We have been really enjoying the new Starz Original Miniseries Event, The White Queen.  They're based on the books by Philippa Gregory and takes place during the War of the Roses.  It follows Elizabeth Woodville's ascension to the English throne and the perils that lie in the much coveted position.  One of the symbols that appears frequently is a stylized rose.  Depending on the color, it represents the various warring houses.  I made my own version of it and hope that people have fun with it.  Hopefully the pendants will be available for purchase in the Shop and online soon!


Anonymous said...

Everything your hand touches ends beautifully.

Rebecca said...

Ah yes, this was first on the BBC over here a few months ago. I watched the first few episodes but got behind during my manic summer. Yorkshire and Lancashire still have white/red roses as their respective emblems to this day.