Sunday, September 08, 2013

Fusion Beads' 30 Day Challenge...

Last March, I participated in Fusion Beads' 30 Day Challenge.  It certainly was challenging, but it was also very rewarding and I really felt the creative juices flowing in abundance.  I definitely recommend participating!

Here is a snapshot of the calendar.  You can also CLICK HERE for the PDF version.  I find it handy to look through the dates in advance and order supplies early so that there's plenty of time for things to show up.  They are really good about getting things out the door quickly, but I like to have time to examine my beads and let things percolate.  Most of the challenges can be done with materials already in your stash, but there are a couple of prompts that are centered around very specific products like Day 3 with their seed bead mixes or Day 29 with the Preciosa crystal pendant drops.  So look through the dates and head over to

I think the key to successfully tackling this project is budgeting your time and being realistic about how long things take.  If you're a slow seed beader, you might want to start earlier on those projects to give yourself a little extra time.  Also, if you know you've got an all-day function on a particular day, try to make some time to do it in advance. While you certainly have the option of picking which prompts to participate in and disregarding the ones that don't interest you, I think one of the biggest benefits of this challenge is exploring your comfort zone and pushing your boundaries... and the best way to do that is to tackle them all.  I am really looking forward to this fun, creative challenge!

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Carole said...

Thanks for posting a heads-up, so we can get supplies in. I love these challenges.