Saturday, November 10, 2012

Artsy Things...

It's been a busy week for artsy things in the area.  The first event that I attended was a program at Artworks in Johnstown about how to increase visibility for one's art organization.  The presentation was put on by Ed Huttenhower of the Small Business Development Center at St. Francis University.  I felt it had some really helpful tips for establishing a small business and was a great opportunity to meet other individuals interested in promoting their groups.  It was a nice chance to check out the facility and it was particularly nice to see some friends and customers of Allegory Gallery there.

The second event this week was held at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art.  They have a monthly event called, "Art On Tap".  It was a really fun event with live music and was a great way to meet people interested in art.  It reminded me a little of being back in New York with all the art openings and cultural events.  I met a particularly charming woman named Barbara Ferrier, who was instrumental in bringing the ballet to the area.  This ties in nicely with our next exhibition at Allegory Gallery, where we'll be showing ballet-themed photographs taken by Shirleah Kelly.

Another nice thing about the Art On Tap event was that I saw several familiar faces from the Botanical Society of Westmoreland County.  Earlier in the week, I attended a meeting on rain gardens.  That presentation was put on by Kathy Hamilton of the Westmoreland Conservation District.  It was really interesting and there are a couple of places on the property that might do well with this addition.

I feel really lucky to be a member of such a rich and exciting area.

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