Thursday, August 09, 2012

Great Minds Sale...

Since I have been making my lists, I've felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment and a great deal of forward momentum.  I don't think that I could have done it without my trusty Moleskine!  I am so in love with my Moleskine that I decided to make this collage of some of the great artists, writers, and thinkers who used Moleskines.  It's true that their version of the notebooks were different... but I still find the modern version really useful and utterly helpful!  Pablo Picasso once said, "Je suis le cahier!"  Which means, "I am the notebook!"  And in this case... I couldn't agree more!

To celebrate my love of the Moleskine and to spread that love, we're having an online ONLY sale of the Moleskines.  Save 25% off using the coupon code, "GREATMINDS".  The sale is for a short time and once we're out, we're out!  CLICK HERE to visit the online Allegory Gallery store and pick your's up today!

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