Friday, August 17, 2012

Destashing the Destash...

(First I must say, this marks the 2600th post!  WOW!)  Before I continue with the next wave of Destash items, I'd like to clear the area a little and get rid of the pieces that are still available.  I went through and marked down all the Destash section.  The 50% off clearance sale is still in effect!  Use coupon code, "SUMMERSALE" to receive your discount.  (Some of the items listed are going for as low as $0.25!)

Next week on Monday, if the items in the Destash section haven't been adopted by new homes, I'll remove them and make room for new pieces.  So get them while you still have a chance!

I will be updating the site with more Destash items this evening.  But please do liquidate some of the drastically reduced Destash Deals while you still can!  (I will refund any extra shipping charges from multiple purchases.)

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