Thursday, July 08, 2010

One In A Million...

On July 11th, 2008, my friend Amelia Geocos was tragically killed in an accident. She was riding her bike and was struck by a minivan. Her life was cut short at 24 years old. Amelia was a bright star shining with potential. She had the energy and vitality of ten people and radiated warmth, humor, and compassion.

I think about Amelia often. I don't think there's a time that I've gotten behind the wheel that I haven't briefly touched on her memory. I try to remember her lust for life though, instead of her senseless death. Mostly I remember her laughter. It was infectious and ringing. I also think about her work as an artist and her daring. She was fearless in her creating. She was not afraid of learning new things and working hard to make her ideas come to life. She'd dance, sew, paint... whatever it took to say what she wanted to say.

When I lived in New York, I used to visit the site of the accident. They had erected a memorial, a Ghost Bike. I would go there usually in the early morning, when it was quiet and fewer people were about. When I went, I felt closer to her. Sometimes I'd leave notes. Sometimes I'd leave flowers. Sometimes I'd leave mardi gras beads. I would leave tribute to my friend.

I'm miles and miles away from there now, but I still want to leave tribute. I thought that I'd make a donation to the memorial scholarship set up in her honor at our old alum. I'm far from rich though. So, I decided to make a piece and auction it off here on the blog. Every penny that the necklace generates will go directly to the scholarship fund and hopefully make attending art school a little bit more affordable and easier for a student who was just like us, trying to make their dreams come true. I wish that I could do more to say how grateful and appreciative I am of having had the opportunity to call Amelia my friend.

I call the piece, "One in a Million". Amelia jokingly used to say that she was, "One in Amelia!"

I brought out some of my best beads for this piece. It is made up of labradorite, cyanite, aquamarine, sapphires, chalcedony, faceted pearls, and tourmaline. I also used a dichroic glass bead. With those, I incorporated silver chain (some that I made myself) and a toggle from my family. The focal is made out of fine silver. It's one of a kind. My fingerprints are on the back. I made it before the memorial ride and walk that happened back in January 2009. I've carried it in my pocket, off and on, since then. It's a long necklace; it measures 30" long. While I made it, I thought of all the fun times we shared and how we used to talk, laugh, and even dance for hours.

The auction starts today, July 8th, 2010. Bidding will last for one week, until midnight July 15th, 2010. To place a bid, leave a comment on this post. Be sure to post the dollar amount of your bid and to check the previous comments for the highest bid. Be sure to also leave either your email address or another form of contact information. Bidding starts at $50.

Please consider helping me honor my friend by placing a bid. (Even if you're not the winning bidder, you can still contribute whatever you like to the scholarship by CLICKING HERE and scrolling down to Amelia Geocos Memorial Scholarship.)


Gaea said...

What a wonderful way to recognize a beautiful life! I will start a bit at $60.

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Nicki said...

Ok, I say $100. I am sure she is with you.

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

your very beautiful necklace expresses what ebullience she demonstrates in her photo. I am so sorry we lost this great lover of life, your friend Amelia.


Unknown said...

I am going to click on her Memorial Scholarship and check out donating some $. Such a shame her life cut so short! This is a really wonderful necklace Andrew! Bless you.

Unknown said...

Oh, Andrew, such a loss, not only for you but for everyone. I am sure that Amelia's heart was as big as yours is. I love the story of the necklace. I bid $150.


Elizabeth said...

This is an amazing remembrance, Andrew. May the universe bless your spirit 10 fold.

Anonymous said...


hello my friend,this is barbara hopkins.i'm sure you will remember me,for i to was shown your loving generosity.i wish that i could raise the bid,but as you know being
disabled,with a child,life is quite
difficult.after,reading your blog,i
sat and reflected on my well as,other's,then i recalled Okla. city,911,and then your friend
amelia.she will always be with you,
a part of you,because you and she
shared kindered spirits,and i truly
believe,that not even death can take that from you.she will guide you in the future,with your art,or an important event in your life.i
know this because,my dad has been gone 24yrs.,this month,and he's with me everyday...god bless you andrew,you are an angel in human form,i myself believe you are truly
a wonderful person and friend.
amelia,must have been a wonderful
woman,artist,and friend.i'm sure she will watch over you.i am truly sorry for your loss.i wish i could do more.
barbara hopkins at

Unknown said...

Dear Andrew,
Im Amelia's mom. Thank you so much for the beautiful necklace you've created and loving Amelia.
It was an honor to be her mother and her family wants the same thing you do. To make it easier for upcoming artist to create and make their dreams come true.
I would love to have the necklace and I'm offering $200. Hopefully that will be enough to obtain it. Again, i can't thank you enough for loving her.


Andrew Thornton said...

A big thank you to everyone who bid! The auction is now closed. The winner is Amelia's mom, Marian. It was an honor and a privilege to know her daughter and I am glad that the necklace is going to Marian. It seems right.

So, thank you again. Especially to those who contributed to the Scholarship Fund and those who also spread the word. THANK YOU a thousand times.

Andrew Thornton said...

Marian, if you could send me your address, I'll put the necklace in the mail for you. Thank you! Your daughter was amazing. If she was an indication of your parenting skills, you must have been one phenomenal mother! Thank you again for participating.

paula best said...

andrew....this was beautiful...a wonderful and touching remembrance for your friend. i think it is awesome that your beautiful necklace went to her mom. and you know one of the best things is you are a great example for all of us to take the time to be a generous and thoughtful human being.....good job. much love, paula

Unknown said...

Thank you for your kind words. Guiding Amelia's spirit was definitively a challenge! LOL In the end she taught me more than I taught her. Amelia's passion for living is inspirational and I remind myself everyday to try to live as fully, in my own way, as she did. My address is 600 Shore Road apt 4C Long Beach, NY 11561. And as they say, the check is in the mail.

So many thanks for the beautiful neckless and thinking of her. One day her family will find the energy to put together an art show of her works and I will contact you if the information if you like.

Warmly, Marian

Unknown said...

Hi Andrew,

How absolutely wonderful that Amelia;s Mom will have that very special necklace! Thanks for the opportunity to share in your thoughts and feelings for Amelia. Hope to see you in Tucson!