Monday, January 18, 2010

Not All Bad...

A couple of packages found their way to me on Friday, but with the whole debacle with Yury the Ukrainian, I haven't had an opportunity to dig into them until today. Opening up these packages was definitely a bright spot in a couple of dreary days.

The first package came from Cindy Gimbrone AKA the Lampwork Diva. Inside were five lampwork glass beads that look very much like juicy cherries. I can't wait to use these. I picked them up from Cindy during her sale for a song.

I met Diane Hawkey in Milwaukee at a Bead Blogger Breakfast. It was a good time and it was great to come face to face with a lot of folks that I only communicate with over the net. I just love how quirky and sassy Diane was. She had me giggling the whole time. Later, at the show I had been meaning to drop by her table, but couldn't really leave the booth, so I missed my opportunity to stock up on her goods there. Luckily she has a website and I placed an order with her. The owl, raven, forest spirit and bird are apart of her current line, but the skull tube at the top of the picture is new. I have been on a skull kick and requested one from her. She had sadly just lost a friend and had oddly enough been working on designs from old New England grave stones. The result is her new Memento Mori line. Isn't it great? I think I'm going to string up a necklace for myself using this lovely.

I love ceramics. I especially like using them in my jewelry. There's something primal about it. I guess it's the idea that these items are formed from earth and water and tempered with fire. Certainly it is a very elemental material that is diverse in its application and execution. These heart pendants from Nancy Schindler of Round Rabbit are no exception. Aren't they darling? I love the faded denim color of the glaze and the sweet motifs. (I also got a pair of ceramic filigree type drops, but already have conscripted them for earrings.)

Speaking of ceramics, I also have a package from Gaea that I'm looking forward to getting into.

So, not all has been bad lately. These little things have brought me a little bit of happiness. Not so much because they are objects to add to my horde (which would be excuse enough), but because these artist made goods are full of potential and are totally inspiring. My hands itch to create as I hold them in my hands.


Cindy Gimbrone said...

Hi Andrew!

Glad you like the beads! They posed beautifully for you!

You've made some great art bead purchases thanks for supporting your fellow artists! Love Diane's and Nancy's beads, they're very talented and true artistic spirits!

Stay warm :-)

SueBeads said...

Great stuff! I really like Diane's new line - it's so cool!

Jean Hutter said...

Great beads and they are inspiring. I have so many ideas I just need to get away from this computer and do something. I am so torn between wanting to paint and wanting to bead.

Jeannie said...

I wish I could magically wish packages like this to appear at my door.

I love the ceramic hearts. Great Goodies!

Someone very close to me is named Yuri.

Round Rabbit said...

What a nice pile of goodies you have! I'm so glad you like the hearts - I can't wait to see what you do with them (and the earrings you mentioned! I haven't seen anything with those components yet, can't wait!).

Marie said...

The beads are absolutely gorgeous.

Regina said...

Beautiful beads, you have a way with words and always find the right ones to describe your beads. Enjoy!

Paula Lee M. said...

I really like the pieces you make and I can see these as becoming beautiful pieces too. However, I would like you to know how much I like your blog.

I met you at the booth at Long Island Bead Show in Islandia and you seemed surprised that I read your blog and was so glad to meet you. We spent a good deal of time just chatting about things in general and about the publication of your sisters book (which was my best Christmas present!).

Well I have to agree with Regina that you do have a way with words. Your observations of the world around you and how you put that into words is one of the reasons I do read it. You posts are in parts soothing, inspiring, heartwarming, poetic and more.

It's for this as much as the arty and beady goodies that I read your blog. So thank you for that.

Anyway, I hope things get much better for you on all fronts.

Paula Lee

Andrew Thornton said...

Thanks everyone for your kind words! I'm really excited about these new additions to my collection. They are by some very talented people and I can't wait to work with them.