Monday, July 06, 2009

Quiet and Stillness...

I can so easily relate to the feeling that only in complete solitude will I give myself permission to be completely expansive. I adore people and learning their lives and getting to know them... observing the way we interact, connect and meld – or not, depending on the situation. It fascinates me to examine the way humans are with one another. I love sharing my life with those who choose to share their lives with me, like my beloved friends and family. But... at the same time, I cherish my time to think and take company with my own thoughts without distraction or interruption. The quiet moments when no words are needed, the still moments when no action is required... those can be some of the most magical. I can escape all worry, obligation and responsibility and sink into the warmth of limitless and unrestrained possibility and potential. It's a fragile thing, like spider-silk strung with beads of dew, but a wondrous thing full of glittering light.

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