Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pre-Show Treat...

Everytime I have a show, I like to reward myself for working so hard to get ready. Often times these are some of the most intimate and personal experiences in preparation, as they are the calm before the storm and everything seems heightened. These moments are usually the only ones that I have outside of the studio or space that I'm installing what I'm working on.

For this pre-show treat, I went to TWO places! They are both some of my favorite dessert places in New York City, Rice to Riches and Veniero's.

Rice to Riches is a really great place that only serves rice pudding. They have a wide selection of really tasty flavors. My favorite flavor is the cheesecake flavor.

Veniero is one of the best pastery places in New York. This entire block is full of really great places to get yummy delights.

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