Saturday, February 10, 2018

Pantone's Fashion Color Trend Report New York Fall/Winter 2018...

Have you seen Pantone's Fashion Color Report for Fall/Winter 2018 yet?  It's an interesting mix that has a line-up that I normally wouldn't peg for autumn.  With the exception of Red Pear and Martini Olive, the selections are very bright, chromatic, and/or pastel.  Usually when I think of the "traditional" fall colors they pick, they're a little more subdue (being a shade or two darker) and more earthy than their spring counterparts... but this palette is pretty bright!  The foundation of the palette is the primary colors with an assortment of pastel secondary color friends.  These more vibrant colors are played off of clean neutrals.

As with the spring color report, they also included their Classic Color Palette.  It's pretty close to the spring line-up, however, they did add Meerkat, which is a warm caramel brown color with a spicy orange undertone.  It sort of reminds me of roasted butternut squash soup!

You can CLICK HERE to read the report for yourself and find out more about their picks.

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