Saturday, February 17, 2018

Kindling Sunshine...

I recently returned from a stay out in Tucson.  It was a little bit of an unexpected trip.  With everything going on and finally closing on the house, I didn't really think that it was in the cards this year.  But a few weeks before the annual Gem Shows began, I talked with my sister and we figured out a way to make the adventure possible.

It ended up being one of my best treks out to Tucson and I've been going for over 13 years!

Keeping up with all our activities and work obligations and updating other social media platforms for myself and the business, I've neglected updating my blog about the experience.  (In case you didn't know already, you can keep up with me on Facebook and Instagram.  I try to diversify the content, so it isn't rehashed in triplicate.  I also contribute to the Allegory Gallery Facebook page and Instagram account.  OH!  And don't forget Pinterest!  I've all but abandoned Twitter, but every once and awhile, I'll pop up on there as well.)

It's cold and rainy and I'm longing for the big desert skies.  I thought I would take the opportunity to slowly update the blog with the adventure and hopefully kindle some of that sunshine here in Southwestern Pennsylvania.  At first, I pondered doing one BIG post, but I was gone for two weeks and we fit a lot into the trip.  Instead, I'll try to update a little each day and bask in the glow of the journey as long as possible.

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