Friday, September 23, 2016

The Power of Dreaming...

Some of my favorite people are dreamers.  They are the people that can reach within and puncture the barrier between what is and what could be.  To me it is one of the most admirable qualities.  One might be brave, but without direction, what is there to fight for?  One might be intelligent, but what use is knowledge without an application?  One might be loving, but what is love without depth or meaning?  Dreamers are the seers and the makers and the doers.  They tap into one of the oldest magics, the act of wishing.  Dreaming is wishing from the heart, the casting out of a wide net, straining the cosmos and forming pictures from what remains.  Dreaming gives shape to that which is unknowable in its vastness and secret from the heart.  And even if one tries to fight this power, it still seems to slip in unbidden.  In the quiet hours of the unconscious mind, to the listless hours of the mundane and monotonous – dreams come in.  We can fight it and we can deny it, but they still find a way.

Dreams show us what once was, what undeniably is, and what could be.  They show us what us what is possible and give us glimpses at what is thought to be impossible.  And that's a scary thing.  While there's the potential for greatness and of the most heartbreakingly beautiful things, there is also the possibility of horrors and atrocities. And that's where dreaming can be a dangerous power.  For dreams can turn into nightmares and can crush the spirit and warp the heart.  They can poison and seduce.  They can isolate and possess.  One can lose themselves in dreams and fly free without tether.

All powers, great and small, come with a price.  And the potential for dreaming darkly is one of them.

But what can be gained by this gift, this talent, this special thing that to so many seems inconsequential or frivolous... is so much more.  Sure, it might not be easy.  It can be downright terrifying, but the rewards of opening up to the power of dreaming are far richer and more abundant than if one tries to close themselves off from this active form of imagination and creativity.

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