Saturday, October 17, 2015

Scarce Commodity...

I had to look something up on my blog from a few years ago.  I wasn't exactly sure of the entry, so I had to scan through several months worth of material.  I ended up falling down the rabbit hole of my own blog.  It's strange looking back on some of those entries.  I've had this blog for about ten years and there are over 3500 posts.  (And this is the most "recent" incarnation, as there were other platforms before this.)

When I look back, I can see how different I was and can see how some of those dreams and aspirations developed and changed.  I think the keyword there is, "changed".  So much has changed and I imagine it will continue to do just that, like the ceaseless turning of time and the ever-changing seasons.

Looking back also made me realize just how much I've missed blogging.  Even though I attempt to keep a semi-regular appearance here, I've noticed that things have gotten watered down and spaced out.  I used to post content three or four times a day and was constantly uploading images and words. I could say that there was some kind of big gestalt in the blogging world moving towards quicker, more readily digestible content formats (and perhaps to a degree that's true) but the biggest thing to happen was the opening of the store.  After that, time has been a scarce commodity.  When I do have a bit of time, I feel guilty when I'm not working on something.  I keep telling myself that these are the fledgling years and that this foundation-building time period is the most important.  I keep struggling forward, repeating to myself that I am working hard now so that I can work less later.

But, when will later come?  

If blogging has taught me anything, it's the importance of being mindful and capturing the moment.  It's a lesson I have to remind myself.  It's a lesson in not living in the past or living for a day far off into the future, but living for the day and finding a balance that is healthy, conducive to making things, and takes full advantage of the scarcest of commodities.

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Rebecca said...

So much truth there. I miss my blog too. I go through bursts but quickly fall off the wagon. Must do better!