Sunday, August 09, 2015

Even More Rings...

Here's my latest ring yield!  These are from the past two nights.  The more I do it, the more proficient I feel.  The first time I did it, the process took exponentially longer.  Each time I make another ring, I feel a little more confident and a little bit better.

While we were in Franklin, we picked up these beautiful bronzy rose-cut sapphires.  The pictures really don't do them justice.

This ring was more of an experiment and it took the longest to make.  It features one of my Roman Wheel coins and has granulated fine silver balls all around it.

This ring features one of the bronze skull coins that I make.  I'm loving the contrast of the antique golds and bright silvers.  It's nice blend of "old" and "new".

This one ended up being one of my favorites.  We got this labradorite at the last gem show we were at and I love how it has so much life and cool to it.  With the hammered texture on the bail, it reminds me of a moon.

This is another one with labradorite.  Look how much light and flash is in the stone!  I'm smitten!  It looks even better in real life.

While we were there, we also picked up a handful of feldspar.  We found it in three colors, a warm grey with peach flash, gold, and dark red. I love how there is a cats eye effect. You just want to play with it for hours, moving the stone this way and that.

 This is also a labradorite, but it's on the darker side.  Instead of the bright rainbowy flashes, these more dark blues and bits of green.  It's really magical looking!

Here's the gray feldspar.  I got a really big piece, and I'm thinking up fun things to do with it.  I think I'll turn it into a bezel pendant and maybe do some mixed metals and a really fancy decorative bezel.  We'll see.

For now, I'm just having fun and really enjoy making rings.

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