Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Dinner and Dessert...

After our walk at Catawba Falls, we decided to go out for dinner.  We ended up picking King Daddy's in West Asheville.  I've been talking up the poutine since my last visit, so we made a point of ordering it.  Let's just say it didn't disappoint!

We also ordered the fried chicken livers.  While they were a little under-done for my usual liking, they were still delicious and paired well with the mushrooms.

I really enjoyed the pumpkin waffle and chicken breast I had last time, but wanted to try something different.  I opted for the cracklin waffle with chicken gravy.  Chicken gravy is basically pot pie innards.  It was so good that I inhaled it!

Here's a picture of William pouring maple syrup over his delicious chicken and waffles.  

Although we were stuffed to the brim, I insisted that we make a sojourn to the new location of the French Broad Chocolate Lounge.  (It really didn't take much cajoling.)

I'll miss the coziness of the old location and the incredible light that filtered in through the old factory windows, but the new place is brighter, lighter, and much bigger.  I won't miss having to wait in a line that snaked around the block.  Even though there was a little wait in the new space, the line moved pretty quick.

I had a maple and smoked sea salt liquid truffle... the perfect way to end the day!

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