Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Catawba Falls...

Azalea had an early dismissal day at school.  So when she got out, we decided to go on a little outing.  The Asheville area is immersed in natural beauty and surrounded by amazing hiking.

Instead of going on a hike that we've previously done, we thought it might be nice to try a new place.  After a little bit of research, we settled on Catawba Falls near Old Fort.  The review stated that it was an easy hike, just shy of three miles, with a 100 foot waterfall at the end.

It was enjoyable walk.  The path is mostly in shade and runs along water.  So even though it was hot out, the temperature was comfortable and no one got too sweaty.

Along the path were ruins of buildings and even a dam.  The kids loved inventing stories about castles and pirate treasure... which with the tumbled pieces of glimmering mica lining the riverbed was not a far stretch of the imagination.  To add to the stunning visuals, there were even art installations.

Here are some images from our walk:

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