Thursday, March 08, 2012

Tucson in Review...

I've finally taken the time to sort through and edit the pictures from Tucson.  It seems like that was a lifetime ago and a million miles away.  When we got back, we hit the road running and there was no real down time to process everything.  Perhaps that's for the best.  I sometimes get lonesome for the friends that I was fortunate enough to see while there.

Without further ado.... here are some more snapshots from Tucson:

Heather, Cathy Collison and Jessica Prill from Glass Garden Beads in Northfield, Minnesota.
 Joan Tucker of Off Center Productions and her daughter, Tonya Davidson of Whole Lotta Whimsy, and Jolene Star of Bazaar Star Beadery.
 Marianne Kasparian of MakuStudio.
 I was a little sad to hear that Candice Wakumoto wasn't going to be exhibiting this year.  But I was so happy to see her and her husband Paul!
 Jodi and Heidi of LillyPilly Designs.
Dana Groves of Interweave Press and the BeadFest shows, Ellie Roy of Argenta Beads, and Brandy Thomason McNair of Bella Vita Jewelry.
Editor of Jewelry Making Daily, Tammy Jones, and Editor of Beading Daily, Jennifer Van Benschoten of Vanbeads.
Jamie Bogner  of Interweave Press, Gina Galli of Kabela Designs and Jewelry Making Professor (CLICK HERE to check out a video she did of me and the Green Girl booth), and Lisa Niven Kelly and Aisha Formansi of Beaducation (CLICK HERE to check out their video, where I "did not dance" as others in the video were instructed to do so).

Judy of Natural Touch Beads

 Janet Pitcher of TwoCanClay, Jess Gaston of Jess Imports, and the rowdy crew at Craft Frantastic.
Lampwork glass Botanical flowers from Lisa Kan.  (She said I wasn't allowed to take pictures of her, but CLICK HERE if you want an old picture of her!)
Paula Radke who just released the new ArtGlass Clay, Jean Baruch of Beads of Courage, and Cathy Jakicic of BeadStyle Magazine.
Jeff and Adam from ImpressArt and PJ Tool.
Trish of Zelda's Bead Kit Company in Pittsburgh.
Jennifer Wilson of Crystal Myths and SoftFlex CompanyJoyce Rooks, and Bronwen Heilman.
Sally (aka Salai Lama) of The Bead Goes On and the Beadniks franchise.
Jill Wiserman of Tapestry Beads with galleys of her new book from Lark Craft Books (don't worry Jill, I blurred out the project), Norma Lewis, and Amanda Cargill Austin of Sea Shore Glass.
Sunyoung Park and her sister of Ezel Findings.
Jamie HogsettKerri Fuhr, and Karen Lewis of The Spirited Bead and Klew's Expression.
Abbi Berta and Hanna Bertulis of The Bead Place.


Cynthia@Ornamental Style said...

I love seeing all these smiling faces and seeing names I recognize. Thanks for sharing them.

Cynthia Thornton said...

Hey, thanks for posting pics! Its always fun to see show pics.I hope you are getting ready for Art Fest! See you in a couple weeks!

Desiree Malan said...

I know exactly what you're saying about hitting the road running after an event such as this - fortunately we're in the digital age and can go back in time by looking at our images and sharing them with others.