Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Bone Collector...

With the nice weather, we have been taking as many walks around the property as possible.  Along the treks out into the woods, I've found quite a few remnants of once living creatures... bones!  I'm not quite certain what I'll do with them.  Perhaps I was inspired to expand my macabre collection after seeing the recent exhibition in my shopmate's space featuring work by Ginger Mesko of Bone Works?  Maybe I'll turn them into display for the store... or maybe I just like them and will keep them as delightfully creepy paperweights around the house!


somethingunique said...

Oh those are so friend Shannon would love those...she has a thing for bones...I'll have to let her know to come have a peek...take care hun..xox

Margot Potter said...

I love bones, even though I tend to the sunny and shiny and colorful. They have stories to tell. These are beautiful.

I had a friend who made lovely jewelry from painted chicken bones. Powerful stuff.


Lisa said...

I adore this..I'm a bone collector myself, although I don't get out into the wooded areas as much as I'd like for foraging. I have a few little 'totems' I keep around my workshop that I've made from various found bones. I like imagining the lives that these things once led.

Shannon Chomanczuk said...

Oh *swoon* I love bones and have an awesome collection but I have such an affinity for skulls, the more worn and chewed the better. I am in love with what you found!
If you don't want 'em send them my way ;-)
Awesome find Andrew. Hope you are well.

dogfaeriex5 said...

Wow super jealous!!